Danville Community Network Lies

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Offered internet service through Danville Community Network in Danville, IN.People on the phone have no idea about product or service.

When you call the number the prompts lead nowhere or sometimes just hang up on you. The dates they give you for install or repair are never honored and once the service was installed the speeds they guarantee are nowhere close to the ones obtained.

They offer phone and TV service that they cant install and even when internet works (rarely) I am unable to stream a 64k MP3 file!The installation people they sent out are very unprofessional and installation of the unit was done very poorly.

Review about: Internet Service.



I had my handy dandy little box hooked up in the winter of 2013 for my internet. Since then my service has been quite random (I live near downtown). I never knew when I was going to have service and when I wasn't. It gradually got worse - they said it was because my house is short and the box may be blocked by the trees. Doesn't explain why it works really well some days and is non-existent the next. Everytime I've called and complained I've let them know that if they don't get it fixed I will take my service elsewhere. (Aint' nobody got time for that! lol) Finally had enough and cancelled my service today. I liked being able to support a local business, but they just weren't reliable enough.

Also, the first three months they didn't send me a bill! I finally had a day when I could actually make into their office to tell them and was slammed with a "due upon receipt' bill for all three months.... no apology or explanation. Seems like good PR would have given some sort of credit or apology. I included a letter with the full payment saying that... got a letter with a months credit (which was good because in May -my free month- I had the worst reception).

The Comcast installer said that he'd been to at least 5 houses in the last week who were having the exact same problems. He shared that the WiMax is a great idea, but there hasn't been follow-thru or upkeep on it which has led to so many problems. Hopefully they'll get it all worked out...sorry they...

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Ok, this is it, who wants to get into a class action lawsuit ?

My cellphone that is not connected to DCN or Dish

It's AT&T.

When I try to call dish, it forwards me to DCN.

When I receive a call from Dish, they wanted to transfer me to the main office

It automatically goes to DCN.

They won't return my calls

They won't answer the cell phone.

I don't like that they are controlling who I talk to on my cell

That should be a FCC violation of some sort.


Yeah, they told me that it was hi speed Internet...not

It's download is averaging around1.63mbps

It's upload is between.05 and .69 Mbps

And the ping is at best 71 ms to 1050ms

They also quoted me $69 month with Dish

So far it's been $349 first month

It was $299 second month

Then $500 third month

When asked about billing, they sead " that's for instalation."

They have since sent a bill for $90 for a regular month.

Then when I get about $200 away from getting it caught up, they cut off dish.

I have all the original paperwork, I'm about to go to the prosecutors office.

Here is the kicker, I contacted Dish, they told me all I owed them was $106.99

They offer DishNet that is 10 down and 5 up

And it's only 39.99

With a new subscription bundle $69.99

Somebody needs to sew DCN for false advertising and frivolous billing.


I used this service from Nov.2011 until March 2012.

They were a new company so I was patient & giving the time to work some bugs out. I was rarely able to connect to the internet & when I did upload speeds were typically around 0.10 - 0.19Mbps. I took off work on 2 different days so I could be home to get the service repaired only to be stood up by them. They have yet to come & get their equipment & have even billed me 2 months after I cancelled.

I went back with Comcast.Comcast is more expensive but a much better provider.


What did you expect from a group who knows nothing about the Fixed Wireless Industry!


My family noticed the same thing.I guess it is different by location or equipment.

The people weren't professional that is true.

allot of ports are blocked by the isp.My speed is about 241 kb/s it is dynamic most the time sometimes it will go down to 9 kb/s.


Not sure what the other person is talking about. I did notice they were anonymous. So I will remain so also.

Installation was very professional. People were very courteous. I live in the country and can't believe how fast it is. 1,000 times better than i am used to.

No complaints on this end! :)

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